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Intensive Experiential-Dynamic Psychotherapy (IE-DP) was designed by Ferruccio Osimo. IE-DP is characterized by its unique manner of exploring and taking care of the real human relationship between patient and therapist, in a way that enhances the healing power of technical interventions.


The IE-DP therapeutic model significantly draws from Habib Davanloo’s Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP), Attachment Theory (Bowlby), Process and Outcome studies (Malan), Achievement of Therapeutic Objectives Scale, ATOS (McCullough), and neuroscience (e.g. Panksepp).


IE-DP is based on nine therapeutic ingredients, that are selected and blended moment-by-moment, using the relationship as a compass. As in other experiential dynamic therapies (EDTs), retrieving the experience of feelings that were selectively excluded from consciousness is deemed to be crucial to initiate, promote and stabilize adaptive change.


IE-DP is suitable for a wide range of psycho-emotional difficulties, including relational and character problems, personality disturbances, and other signals of suffering, such as depression, anxiety, somatisations, sexual dysfunctions, and eating disorders.


References : Osimo (2002), Osimo (2003), Osimo & Stein (2012), Bowlby (2013)

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