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Courses and video seminars are designed to cover the theoretical and technical elements, rationale and evidence base for IE-DP/ISTDP/EDT.


All courses and seminars comprise videos from real psychotherapy sessions, aiming to demonstrate the actual application of the therapeutic model to a variety of clinical situations, varying levels of resistance and fragility, and different treatment phases: starting the process, stabilizing change, conclusion, after termination follow-up.


Courses and seminars usually last 1-3 days, and are planned either as independent events, or as part of a Core Training Program.





  • First things first: how to make therapy briefer? Process acceleration begins at the first extended interview.

  • Introductory : for a first exposure to IE-DP/ISTDP/EDT. 

  • The 9 Therapeutic Ingredients : an organic demonstration of IE-DP/ISTDP/EDT building blocks. 

  • In-session experience of trauma-related emotion : emotional healing of early and recent traumata.

  • Undoing Ingrained Defences : breaking through defences in highly resistant cases. 

  • The Power of Anxiety Regulation : using anxiety as a GPS, when anxiety is on the forefront. 

  • The Real Relationship : instructions for an effective therapeutic use of the real relationship. 

  • Awakening from Early Trauma : constitutional or traumatic? With the help of neuroscience… 

  • Neutralizing the Trojan Horse : handling of cases with marked self-sabotage/self-punishment on the forefront. 

  • Fragile Patients, Resistant Patients : two different paces/ways of proceeding 

  • Witnessing Change as it happens : effecting, recognizing, maximizing, and stabilizing change. 

  • From Initial Interview to after-termination Follow-up : studying a case from beginning to end, and after.

  • Resistant defences/fragile defences : how to recognize and interact with them

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