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IE-DP Core Training is an advanced training course giving detailed guidance, feedback and instruction to therapists who wish to achieve a high level of skill in

IE-DP, a therapeutic approach capable of treating a wide spectrum of psycho-emotional disturbance.


  • Core Training is a 3-year course emphasising experiential, hands-on learning.


  • The course relies on theoretical teaching, video seminars, and supervision of videotaped sessions presented by participants.


  • A learning group of 5-10 trainees gets together 3-4 times a year, for intensive training blocks of 2-4 days each.


  • The format varies according to the number of participants and the geographical distance from Milan, Italy.


  • Successful completion of IE-DP Core Training qualifies participants for accreditation as IE-DP Therapist with IEDTA, the International EDT Association. 


  • Motivation for working with an IE-DP/ISTDP/ EDT approach, and video recording psychotherapy sessions are the basic requirements. 


Mental health professionals, who wish to apply for an existing training or start a new one, can send their CV and statement of interest through here.


IE-DP Core Training is currently available in 

  • Birmingham, UK  

  • Milan, Italy - visit website

  • Tel Aviv, Israel.

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