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Ferruccio Osimo, MD, Psychiatrist, lives in Milan, Italy. He is married with two daughters.


Ferruccio elected psychotherapy as his research, clinical, and teaching focus, becoming deeply interested in process and outcome studies with the aim of making psychotherapy as effective and as brief as possible.


He trained in dynamic psychotherapy at the Tavistock Clinic in London with Dr. David H. Malan, collaborating in research on the outcome of Brief Psychotherapy, that resulted in a book Malan & Osimo (1992).


Osimo’s room at the Tavistock was next door to Dr. John Bowlby, the founder of Attachment Theory. After returning in Italy, Ferruccio invited John to give a 2-day theoretical and clinical seminar in Milan. The verbatim transcript of the seminar, with a chapter on the convergence of AT and IE-DP/EDT became a book,  Bowlby, (2013).


Subsequently, Ferruccio attended the 3-year ISTDP Core Training held by Dr. Habib Davanloo in Geneva, and took part in the Short-Term Psychotherapy Research Program, held by Dr. Leigh McCullough at Harvard Medical School, see McCullough, Osimo et al (2003).


Osimo came to realize the enormous potential of Davanloo’s ISTDP, and became determined to facilitate its further development and evolution. He wished to create a free scientific arena to help the therapists trained by Davanloo to come together, and be inclusive toward the new therapeutic models blossomed from it. Ferruccio thus consulted with seven colleagues: M. Alpert, P. Coughlin, D. Fosha, Allen Kalpin, J. J. Magnavita, and the late L. McCullough and I. Sklar. These eight former Davanloo students deliberated to found the IEDTA, International EDT Association.


Ferruccio Osimo served as IEDTA President (2001-07). The foundation Conference of IEDTA Core Factors for Effective Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy Proceedings (2001) was held in conjunction with Dipartimento di Salute Mentale, at Niguarda Hospital in Milano.


Dr. Osimo evolved ISTDP into his model of Intensive Experiential-Dynamic Psychotherapy, IE-DP, that lays a unique emphasis on explicitly exploring and taking care of the real human relationship between patient and therapist, in a way that enhances the healing power of technical intervention. IE-DP is described in the Comprehensive Handbook of Psychotherapy, various scientific papers and books, Osimo (2002), Osimo (2003), Osimo & Stein (2012), Bowlby (2013).


Dr. Osimo is the head of APDE, the Italian EDT Association, maintains a clinical and teaching activity, and has held numerous courses & videoseminars in North America, Brazil, Europe, and Israel. He served for many years as Adjunct Professor at Milan University School of Psychiatry, and teaches in various Psychotherapy Training Centres and Core Training Programs. He founded the Italian (2001), UK (2006) and Israeli (2012) IE-DP Core Training Program.


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