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September 25, 2018

May 2, 2016

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16 Jun 2014

The 7th IEDTA Conference

will take place soon,

in Bethesda, MD, June 27-29


As a IEDTA founding member, I am pleased to celebrate the event by offering the proceedings of the 1st IEDTA (then IESA) Conference,

that took place in Milano, Italy, May 2001. 

Among the Authors:


16 Jun 2014

To download the Proceedings of 


 The 1st International IEDTA Conference

“Core Factors For Effective Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy”,

Milano, May, 2001


Please click here


16 Jun 2014

Neutralizing the Trojan Horse

June 22 – Tel Aviv 
Audiovisual seminar

I will present on dealing with highly self-sabotaging, self-punitive features in different personality structures, e.g. social phobic, depressive, and paranoid.


Please click here to download the prog...

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